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Cargolux Italia S.p.A. in an Italian all-cargo Airline founded in December 2008 as a joint venture between Italian interest and Cargolux Airlines International S.A. with the aim to serve the Italian market, one of the most important in Europe both in terms of imported and exported goods.

The Company is headquartered in Vizzola Ticino in the vicinity of Milan Malpensa International Airport.

The Company commenced operations in June 2009 and currently operates flights from Milan to various destinations: Hong Kong, Osaka, Zhengzhou, Novosibirsk, and too many others you can find in "Our destinations" field on the left.

Our fleet is composed by four Boeing 747-400 freighter, aircrafts that are tailored to the specific needs of freight forwarders.

Cargolux Italia employs around 130 people including ground staff and crew.

The carrier has appointed Cargolux Airlines S.A. as its worldwinde General Cargo Sales Agent.